Six things you can do before your open house to hide your pets presence in Long Beach

Jose & Veronica Reyes
Published on April 3, 2018

Six things you can do before your open house to hide your pets presence in Long Beach

Six Things You Can Do Before Your Open House to Hide Your Pet’s Presence


Few things will make a potential buyer run away faster than a strong pet presence in your home. A major part of staging your home for an open house is getting rid of all the evidence that pets live there. It’s not difficult, but it may take some time depending on how pet-centric your life is. Here are some things you can do right now to make your home more appealing for sale.

Hire a deep cleaner


The majority of us don’t have the time, energy, skill, or equipment to properly deep clean our house. And for some pet owners, a deep clean (carpets, counters, baseboards, fans, etc.) is the only thing that’s really going to work to remove evidence of our pets. This home-staging tip is definitely worth the couple hundred bucks it’s going to cost you.

Wash your fabrics


Pets leave their strong odor on things through various channels, including body oils, dander, hair, and urine. You can minimize the smell by washing all the fabrics in your home. This means your rugs, carpets, curtains, blankets, sheets, clothing, and fabric furniture. Use a combination of your washer/dryer, a steam cleaner, and spot cleaning (with special pet cleaner) to complete this task.


Hide your pet accessories


Even if you get the place sparkling clean and mask any odors, one sure way to broadcast that pets live in the home is to have pet accessories strewn about. Make sure to remove food and water bowls, beds, crates, cages, litter boxes, toys, and food/treats. Take them out of the house. Shoving them in a closet won’t work, as people on a house tour usually look there. In the end, pet paraphernalia can be just as big of a turnoff as odors.


Clean up the yard


Obviously, stepping in dog poop is a pretty big turnoff for any potential buyer. It’s painstaking, but picking up all your dog’s poop in your yard is a must. Beyond that, dogs that like to dig can ruin a yard pretty quickly. Take some time and repair obvious holes in your yard. Long Beach is a great town to live in if you love the out doors and Pets. Most home buyers are now including the outdoor space as an extension of the indoor space so tidying up after your pet is important. 


Stash those cute photos


In some states, you have to disclose that you own pets to any potential buyer, but you can hide the fact from everyone at your open house. Photos of you and your pets adorning your walls is a surefire way to turn off anyone that doesn’t love the idea of a pet-tainted home. Remove these pictures and replace them with something generic—a painting or a mirror―during the showings. You can put the cute photos of your pup back up as soon as it’s over.

Get your pets far, far away


This may seem obvious, but plenty of people holding open houses and showings think it’s okay to have their pets roaming the home. Sure, they’re cute. And yes, they are surely well-behaved, but pets have no place in real estate. If your agent is simply showing your home to one person, you can take your dog on a long walk. For open houses and longer events, you should make arrangements for the pets to be out of the house completely (boarding, watched by a friend, Long Beach has many affordable Pet Walking services available as well).


As a real estate expert tells Fox Business, “having a pet in your home leaves a real stamp of you and your life. It’s a reminder that this home is not theirs.” And what you want any potential buyer to be thinking is “This place could be my home.” Help them create a mental picture of their new life in your home by hiding your pet’s presence, and you’ll be on your way to more offers.

Picture of Koko, Hope and Flower our Dogs.


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